Waving Goodbye to 2011 and New Year’s Inspiration

2012 is upon us, and as with each New Year, there is this amazing collective energy flowing as people all over the world reflect on events and lessons of the past year and think about positive changes they would like to create in the next.  We always have the power to create change in our lives and in the world, but there is something about the idea of a brand new year that gives us an extra push toward reflection, change, and embracing our personal power.

Each New Year, I like to think more about what I’d like to leave behind than what I’d like to bring into the year ahead.  To me, letting go of what is no longer of service to my life or the world is a positive way to make room for abundance, creativity, and joy to flow naturally.  So, before I write down goals, desires, and ways I would like to be of service for the coming year, I take the time to look within and decide what I’m waving goodbye to as I move forward.

This year, I’m saying sayonara to the need to feel after any situation like there’s something more I could have done.  Once events have taken place, they can’t be changed, so beating ourselves up over them or stressing out feeling like we should have done something more is of no purpose.  Instead, it’s important to look at each situation for what it is, accept it, and look for the lessons it has to offer.  There is an amazing freedom that comes from accepting what is.  It’s all about feeling, healing, learning, and then moving on.

I’ll also be letting go of much of the sugar in my diet.  I admit, I have a major sweet tooth and if it has anything to do with caramel, I’m all over it.  I’m not giving it up altogether, but I’m a big believer in moderation, and in healthy alternatives.  So, I’ll be looking to cut back and make even healthier choices in the coming year.  I’ll be reaching for natural dark chocolate (dark chocolate covered almonds rock!), vegan deserts (in moderation), and more sweet superfoods like blueberries.  I’ll be aiming for absolutely no processed junk.  None.  Zip.  Saying bye-bye to that B.S.

Join me in taking a few minutes to reflect on all the lessons, grace, and beauty of the past year. What are you grateful for?  What have you learned? What do you need to let go of as you move into 2012?

Think about three things you’d like to leave behind as you enter this New Year, and then try this simple exercise.  Close your eyes and picture those three things in your mind.  A habit you’d like to let go of?  A relationship that needs releasing?  Once you can see these things clearly, picture yourself turning and waving goodbye to them as you begin to walk forward on an inviting, beautiful, glowing path that is just for you.  Keep walking, turning to wave goodbye as often as you need to until you see these things begin to fade into the distance, eventually disappearing completely.

Once you’ve tried this exercise, you can reverse it to move you into what you’d like to bring into your life.  Close your eyes and picture three things you’d like to invite in.  As you walk forward on the path, imagine these things becoming more and more visible to you, wave hello to them and smile as you move closer and closer, until they become crystal clear.  Allow yourself to feel a wave of joy and relief as you realize how naturally and easily these things will come, knowing that the Universe is supporting you in creating your happiest, most successful life.

So, let’s raise a glass to this moment and to the next, to all the amazing, fantastic experiences that are waiting for us in 2012, and to letting go to make room for amazing things to enter our lives.  Cheers to abundance, happiness, and being of service.  Cheers to love.  Happy New Year!

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