A Quick Summer Happiness Tip – Let’s Go Outside…

Go outsideHi Friends! Just a quick note with a summer happiness tip for you: Bust out of the cubicle. πŸ™‚ Or office. Or house. Wherever you’re cooped up. Being outside as much as possible is good for our happiness, our health, and our soul — but yet so many find themselves indoors most of the time out of habit, even when the weather is amazing!

So many things, including office work, can be done outside. Folding laundry, cooking, writing, watching TV, helping kids with homework, making phone calls… you name it. So, the next time you’re getting ready to tackle a list of tasks, ask which ones can be done outside…and then go!

If you work in a very corporate environment, try starting a new initiative to increase productivity and employee morale by starting rotating “work outside” hours in 2 to 3 hour blocks a few days a week, for other ideas to improve the workplace morale have a look into different ways to achieve employee satisfaction with Blueboard, before long these new ideas included with working outdoors for some time could greatly improve the satisfaction each employee feels when coming into work every day. Many companies have outdoor patios or courtyards that are wayyy underutilized. You may even suggest that meetings be held outside. If you need extra ammo to convince them, try searching Google for articles you can share that mention benefits of working outdoors, like this one from Forbes.

Here’s a pic of my outdoor office for the summer (also known as my back patio). I’d LOVE to see how this little reminder has inspired you to spend more time outdoors…share a photo and tag me on Instagram, Facebook, or Twitter. Or just share in the comments below.

Love & summer bliss,


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