Three Direct Ways to Help Houston after Hurricane Harvey

For those of you who follow me on social media, you may know that I was in Houston during Hurricane Harvey. Thankfully, we were okay (the water stopped before reaching our doorstep), but what I saw over those few days changed me forever. Not just the loss, sadness, and fear, but also the strength, resilience, and LOVE that was everywhere.

I’ll be writing more about my experience here on the blog soon, but in the meantime I know many of you would love to help out but are not sure how to help in a local and impactful way.

Below, I’ve listed three local organizations in the Houston area that haven’t been getting much national attention, but that do great work and could really use your help. Visit their websites to donate and find out more about how you can support their efforts to clean up Houston and help those affected by Harvey.

There are many creative ways to help these organizations from wherever you are. You can share this post on social media to spread the word. You can make donations, hold a garage sale or bake sale, create a social media post about one of them and the good work they’re doing and invite your friends to give (Facebook will even allow you to include a “give” button in your post).


Help Coastal Clean Up and Wildlife through The Galveston Bay Foundation

The cleanup and restoration needed after this disaster is immense. The negative affect on the waters and sea life around Houston area due to Harvey is heartbreaking. If wildlife and the ocean are close to your heart, supporting The Galveston Bay Foundation in their efforts is a great way to make a difference. Learn more and support them here.

Help Feed Hungry Families through The Houston Food Bank

There are so many families who have lost so much in this disaster. The Houston Food bank is doing great work to distribute nutritious meals to those in need in the Houston area. Learn more and help feed Harvey victims here.

Help Houston’s Animals through the Houston SPCA

The SPCA in Houston has been flooded with displaced pets and animals after Harvey. They’re the lead non-profit animal-related agency responsible for disaster rescue, recovery, and relief efforts. They’re in desperate need if support at this time to help with their efforts to care for the animals and return them to their families. Learn more and support the animals here.

Thanks for caring and sharing!

Much Love,

xo Kristi

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