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Just a few of The Joy School member goals with the work we do inside…

» Would you like to wake up each day more in love with your life than ever before?

The way you live your mornings is the way you’ll experience your days. Discover tools and proven methods for creating mornings – and days – that uplift and empower your life for more joy, energy, happiness, well-being, emotional fitness, and success.

» Ready to become the happiest, healthiest, best version of you?

Within The Joy School, we believe happiness is a multi-faceted skill that can be learned, just like learning to play an instrument. We teach the foundational elements of creating more of it (and becoming good at it!), along with other tools, science-based health strategies, and skills for continuing to grow, evolve, and heal in extraordinary ways.

» Grow confidence & self-worth to see yourself Resolutely as the capable, amazing person you are.

A healthy and strong sense of self worth is the key to confidently going after big dreams, sticking to goals and boundaries, and creating the discipline to take incredible care of the beautiful person you are now – and of your future self.

» We practice the skills of mindfully saying no AND creating supportive boundaries.

Learning life-filtering strategies for saying no with grace to people, places, and things that stress you out or drain your energy, and to saying YES with intention to more of what lights you up and gives you energy. 

A Bit of What's Inside

A new video class and challenge each month on a different theme
Effective strategies and hacks for joy, success, wellness & more
AN INCREDIBLY EFFECTIVE custom daily planner sheet for creating amazing days
Bonus masterclasses and workshops
Inspiring Coaching audios powerful topics
An abundant library of workshops, a book club, resources, and inspiring printables
Live seasonal “Wrap Parties” for celebrating accomplishments and setting intentions
Access to the private FACEBOOK Community
Invitations to special VIP events, and more.

THE JOY SCHOOL WORKS. here’s proof.

Kristi has uncovered a reliable, empowering path to greater happiness that anyone can follow to create meaningful, positive results.
- Christina Rasmussen,
author of Second Firsts

Kristi wants to smash the idea that happiness is a lucky accident that befalls some people and not others.”
- Success Magazine
Kristi combines compelling personal stories with specific how-tos and clear actionable steps to help others create a solid foundation for sustainable happiness.
- Awareness Magazine
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Kristi Ling Spencer is a life and happiness strategist, speaker, blogger, and author working to help others create joy and realize their dream life.

She leads live events and works with individuals and companies on building a firm foundation for lasting happiness and success. She also works with major brands on developing and implementing positive, effective messaging and marketing. Kristi has worked with Fortune 500 companies and some of the world’s most recognized brands, and connects daily with tens of thousands through social media with her inspirational messaging. Her work has been featured in numerous media outlets, including Entrepreneur, CNN, Mashable, Woman’s Day, and Success Magazine. Her popular TEDx talk, The Power of Re-Thinking Happiness has been shared thousands of times, and her book Operation Happiness was chosen by Success Magazine as one of the best books to make you successful.

You’re invited to jump on the V.I.P. waitlist below & receive a free gift!

11 Habits of the Happiest People on iPad

Get immediate access to the FREE Masterclass, 11 Habits of the Happiest People to get you started on becoming the happiest version of you!

*You’ll also get a subscription to Kristi’s content-packed digital magazine. Your information will not be shared.

Frequently Asked Questions

The Joy School is an inspiring, immersive online monthly membership program to support you in designing and living your happiest, best life.

It works like a gym membership, but for leveling up your happiness, energy, emotional fitness, well-being, and success. Everyone is welcome! 

The Joy School is for you if you’re ready to level up your life to new levels of happiness, energy and success, and commit to ongoing efforts to create and maintain the life you desire.

If you’re feeling blah or “just okay” with your life now, and you know there’s more to be created, you’re in the right place! Just like we need to commit to an exercise program to stay in physical shape, creating your best life, leveling up happiness, and being the best version of YOU takes ongoing effort and maintenance. The Joy School provides a safe space for all things growth, positivity, success, well-being, and community.

This dynamic program is designed to be accessible and affordable.

You can get started and access to the full library and current month’s content for just $37, or join as an annual member and receive a discount and extra bonuses. As soon as the doors open, full details will be included on the invitation page.

The Joy School is founded and lead by recognized life coach, bestselling author, and happiness strategist Kristi Ling Spencer.

Kristi’s work has been featured in national media, including Women’s Health, Oprah Daily, and Success Magazine. She’s been called “a vibrant, energetic voice for empowerment and positive change.”

In addition to a new monthly theme and fresh content each month, inside you’ll also find a library packed with inspiration, supportive content, classes, science-backed techniques, and fantastic resources covering a variety of helpful topics.

Each month brings a fresh class on a supportive new topic, personal challenge, coaching, and inspiring worksheets to support you in your ongoing journey.

Currently the doors are open twice a year for a limited time.

This allows our team to better focus on serving members.

We only want members who are thrilled to be on this journey with us!

If you join as a monthly member and find that it’s not a fit for you, just notify our team and you can cancel your membership at the end of your current month. Annual members can notify us at any time if they do not wish their membership to automatically renew the next year. Always feel free to contact our team with any special needs or requests.

Leveling up your life does take work and time, and we’ve designed this program to work with your schedule, and to allow for as much or as little time commitment as you’d like.

Our most successful members participate in each month’s themed content, and take part in additional workshops and tools in the library as-needed.

“You deserve to live a life you love,

to make your dreams happen, and to do more of what lights up your soul. Don't wait until someday when. Someday is now. Be a determined seeker."

Kristi Ling Spencer,
from the book Operation Happiness


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