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3 Ways to Spring Clean Your Spirit

We all need a reset now and then, and the energy of springtime is the perfect time to really examine what’s going on inside you and around you so you can refresh and make much needed changes.

It’s all about looking to see where you can eliminate obstacles and energy drains, identifying and letting go of things that are no longer serving you, and creating space in your mind and heart for new growth, creativity, and flow.

When you work with intention to align things in your life with your true values and desired feelings, everything is so much easier to manage. And, life expands with more light, joy, and great energy.

When it comes to spring cleaning your sprit (love this concept) and getting things aligned, it’s important to remember that many times the quality of our life depends more on what we remove from our life than what we add to it. Letting go of things that are draining or holding us back (and getting out of our own way) is a process, but when you focus on the desired result and how you’ll feel, it becomes so much easier and even exciting.

To get you started, here are 3 ways you can begin clearing space and help get your world into alignment with the life you’re working to create. Ready to Spring Clean Your Spirit?


Create a List of What You Value Most in Your Life

One of the biggest keys to your highest quality life is learning to mindfully create your days with intention, rather than just going through the days without much purpose and leaving everything up to chance.

It’s so easy to get caught up in the “to dos” and other people’s needs that we forget to focus on the things that are most important to us and align our actions and surroundings accordingly.

One way to get back on track with this is to take time to reflect and create a written list of the things you value the most right now in your life. Really think about what’s important to you. It may be being surrounded by nature and beauty, leveling up your health and wellbeing, putting more time into relationships that feel good and supportive, or creating room for more free time and breathing room in your life.

What are your top priorities? What aligns with how you want to feel? What feels true to you? Try to come up with 5 to 10 things that are really calling you at this time. The clarity that comes from this is so energizing!

Let Go to Create Space

Once you have the above list created it becomes much easier to identify what’s not in alignment with what you truly value in your life right now. Take an in-depth look at your routines, your spaces, your mindsets, your relationships, and your habits.

Let your inner-voice speak to you. What’s serving you? What feels great? What needs to go? Be willing to distance yourself or let go of the things that are weighing you down, don’t feel good, or that you know in your heart are out of alignment. De-clutter physically and emotionally. While you’re at it, take some time to breathe, connect with nature, and dream.

This is not always easy, but it’s so worth it. You deserve a life that feels great and is in alignment with your values, goals, and dreams.

Re-Think What You’re Consuming

This is so important. Everything you consume, from the food you eat to all types of media to the things you put on your body can affect you on multiple levels emotionally, physically, and energetically. Negative consequences can happen slowly, compounding and weighing us down, affecting our mental and physical health.

Re-evaluate everything you’re consuming through the lens created by aligning with your values and desires. How can you reduce or eliminate toxins and drains in your life?

Take a look at your personal care products, the foods you’re eating regularly, the TV you watch, your social media feeds, the people you’re spending time with, and even the cleaning products you’re using in your home. What might be draining your energy, exposing you to harm, or holding you back from feeling great? What’s no longer a match for what’s important to you? What needs to go or be swapped out?


This process isn’t just for springtime. It’s an empowering practice to take some time to go through all this a few times a year, each season, or whenever you feel called. The more you tune in, the more your life will remain in alignment and grow with you. Spring cleaning your spirit is about choosing YOU, feeling great, and creating the dynamic life you desire and deserve. The difference is tremendous. Ready to make it happen?

Love & alignment,


BOOK PICK: All It Takes is One

My incredibly wise and inspiring friend Ray Doktor has written a brand new book that’s packed full of great insights and powerful guidance on how to step into the best (happiest!) version of you.

All It Takes is One: How to Drop Your One BIG Hidden Belief & Master Your Life is a magical book that helps you find out what’s stopping you from being your happiest self and shows you how to shift it!

Why am I so excited about this book? Because it teaches us that being happy is something we can all do – so it’s very aligned with much of what I teach in all my programs. Ray’s book is like a treasure map that can lead you to creating fantastic shifts! 🗺️✨

In the book, Ray shows us how sometimes we believe things that aren’t helpful to us at all – and may even be holding us back. He shows us how to identify that one big thing we believe that may be keeping us stuck. Then, he helps guide us let it go – so we can smile, laugh, move forward, and enjoy life more!

All It Takes Is One will be the summer Book Club Pick in my program The Joy School, and featured on an upcoming episode of my podcast. You can get a head start by grabbing your copy on Amazon

I invite you to join me in taking in this soulful adventure of a book! I can’t wait to hear what you think and how it helps you create goodness in your life. I’d love it if you’d drop me a note on Instagram and share your thoughts (I love hearing from you!). Enjoy! 

A Powerful Way to Step-Up Your Life: Self-Care for Your Future Self

It’s so easy to get caught up in where we are now that we don’t consider or connect with the version of ourselves that lives tomorrow, next year, or even in the next decade. I can say from experience that learning to include consideration and care for our future selves in our habits and routines now can have a powerful impact on the direction our life takes and the way we’ll experience it. And, connecting with your wise future self now can enhance your life with a great new friendship!

Creating the habit of taking proactive steps in the present to care for the future version of you is a powerful concept for creating a life filled with wellness, happiness, and greater success. When you start taking care of the future you, in both small ways and big ways, you’ll find yourself frequently thanking your past self for all the care and favors, and noticing an overall difference in the quality of your life. It can be something as small as changing your sheets before you leave on a trip so the tired, traveled out version of you comes home to clean sheets (one of life’s nicest small pleasures). Or, as important as stepping up how much you’re saving for retirement so the future you can live well (compound interest is a magical form of abundance).

How to be a BFF to your future self:

  1. Consider Your Future Wellbeing by Stepping Things up by 10%: While many of us try to eat clean overall, get some exercise, and look be generally conscious about avoiding toxins in products we use and have in our surroundings, taking these things to the next level can significantly increase our quality of life in the future and even help prevent disease. While we may not notice a huge difference now from further cutting out sugar, alcohol, toxic ingredients, or working out a little more, the long-term benefits of just a little extra effort can be huge. Try harnessing this power by stepping up all your self-care efforts by 10% (or more!). Really thinking with love about your future self and how great that version of you will feel, makes it easy to begin considering that person in all you do. It’s great inspiration!

  2. Ensuring a Happier Future You: By aligning your present actions and choices with your future goals and values, you can create an enhanced sense of purpose and direction in your life. Take some time on a regular basis to connect mindfully with the future you for guidance. Ask them what they’d love to experience or feel and take steps now to set it up. You can even ask that wiser, more experienced version of you for advice – you can actually receive some great insights from connecting in this way. What would your future self tell you about your current situation? What are they thanking you for?

  3. Live in Greater Abundance: I mentioned above stepping up retirement investing. Compound interest and long term investing can be an incredibly powerful way to multiply money. Small amounts invested now can grow significantly over time. I can’t say enough how much your future self will thank you for making a few easy cuts now in order to increase your retirement investing. And, it’s never too late! The S&P 500 has an average rate of return of 10.22% over the last 30 years. This means a $500 monthly investment could put an extra 100K in your pocket in just 10 years!

    I personally like a self-directed retirement account that aligns with the S&P 500 (self-directed saves a ton on fees). I opened mine with Fidelity and set up an automatic deduction each month so I don’t even have to think about it. Their customer service on the phone helped me get it done correctly. It’s so fun to watch it grow over time. I know the future me will thank the now me when she buys that cabin in the mountains! Talk to a professional to see what might be a fit for you (but definitely do your homework and watch out for high fees). I also recommend checking out Tony Robbins’ book, MONEY: Master the Game. Then set it and forget it!

As a present-day bonus to all this, knowing now that we’re actively working towards caring for our amazing future self can boost our mood, increase our resilience in the face of challenges, and enhance our overall sense of happiness, security, and fulfillment. The benefits are endless.

Taking incredible care of the future you is a huge act of self-love and empowerment.

It really is an important and overlooked part of self-care. By considering the needs and desires of that version of you and taking proactive steps today to care for them, plus tapping into the wisdom that version of you has to offer you now, you’ll be creating a life filled with more wellness, happiness, and greater success. Ready? Let’s go!

My # 1 Tip for Manifestation (and a mistake to avoid)

One of the biggest mistakes people make when it comes to manifesting is leaving dreams and desires up to random chance. This isn’t how the most incredibly amazing things happen in our lives (even winning the lottery isn’t random, you have to actually buy a ticket).

When it comes to manifesting and creating the lives we dream of (and deserve!), there is one thing to know that just might be the difference between the people who dream and achieve, and the people who just dream.

The thing to know is this: The most important part of manifesting and making dreams a reality isn’t intention, thoughts, or gratitude (although all are a very important part). It’s highly targeted action steps.

Know what you want to create, design an action plan, and take laser-focused action with consistency until you make your vision a reality.

A few years ago, I had the absolute pleasure of sitting next to the wonderful Bob Proctor at a fundraising dinner. You may know him from the work he did inspiring millions around success, abundance, and the law of attraction (he was also in the movie The Secret). He’s truly missed, and I’m so grateful that his work and contributions continue to inspire. We had the best conversation about this exact topic.

I remember him looking around the room and saying to me, “Most of these people will never get to where they want to be. Because most just won’t do what it takes to make it happen. It’s that simple.” Mic drop. I remember thinking, “Okay, that’s it. I’m going to be a make-it-happen-person. No more random chance.”

After that, I never again approached any meaningful dream or goal without an action plan – and actually taking the steps. Have I failed? Yep! Hard. And, I’ve also succeeded so many times using similar formulas and approaches, along with frameworks I’ve developed to help me along my way (I love sharing these in my coaching, by the way).

Remember, it’s not, “If it’s meant to be it will happen.” It’s “If it’s meant to be, it will happen if you take the right actions to make it happen.”

And, the reality is that sometimes this also requires extremely hard work and dedication for an extended period of time. If your dreaming of spending some time on a white sandy beach (a regular dream for me! lol), just thinking about it won’t get you there, right? So, whatever your “beach” (aka dream) is, create your plan and get going.

Keep going. Be part of the small percentage of make-it-happen-people who are willing to do what it takes. You’ve got this. Life is working in your favor.

Love & happy manifesting,



3 Ways to Improve Your Life Quickly

When it comes to growth and expanding our life, some of my favorite tools and strategies are the ones that don’t require a ton of effort (just small shifts) and have big payoff. I’m often asked about simple shifts even people who are busy or stressed (or both) can make to improve things. So, I thought I’d share three of my favorite shifts that, when made with intention, can have a huge positive impact on your life fairly quickly. 

1. Raise Your Standards.

What’s mediocre in your life? What has the energy of “tolerating”? Notice these things and decide not to settle for them anymore. Big or small. Three of my newer standards include higher quality sheets, 60+ grams of healthy protein per day, and higher quality conversations about positive, inspiring topics. Once something becomes a standard in your mindset and you stick to it, your entire life levels up.

Where can you raise your standards (and stick to them without apology)? When you elevate your standards to match the life you desire and deserve, you get to start living it NOW. How cool is that?

2. Keep Promises to Yourself.

Show up for YOU. When you make promises to yourself and keep them, you show your brain that you’re a person who follows through. This will inspire more confidence, bigger goals, and more great energy in your life. Make a positive promise to yourself today and vow to show up for it consistently. The results are powerful!

3. Make sure your choices are in alignment with the life you desire.

Using alignment as a foundation for choices and decisions is a game changer. It will inspire you to be more intentional and mindful about the things you’re doing in your life – big and small – from food choices to the people you spend time with. Start today and you’ll level up your life immediately.

Ask yourself before any choice or decision, “Is this in alignment with my goals and the life I’m creating?” The guidance you’ll receive from connecting with yourself like this is invaluable. 

These three strategies will give you nearly immediate (and long term) positive results and powerful momentum. Remember, you are worth the effort and deserve amazing things!



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The Power of Words to Change Our Life (+a gift!)

Did you know you can transform your life simply by re-shaping the words you use? Every single thing we say carries energy, re-enforces our thoughts, and affects the way we feel. It even affects our brain chemistry and nervous system. Basically, everything we say is an affirmation and carries power, and our bodies are listening. Words are a powerful tool when used to our advantage. Thinking of it this way can really motivate us to re-think the words we’re choosing in our life and make positive shifts.

Language can shape our thoughts, beliefs, relationships (anyone else’s Love Language Words of Affirmation?), feelings, our emotional wellbeing, and ultimately, the way we experience our life. When we really get this and put it into practice, we can turn managing our word choices into a superpower to elevate our life in the most amazing ways! (Look for a free download at the end of this post to help you get started using words to level-up your life).

The other day, for whatever reason, I woke up feeling like total crap. I was feeling down, grouchy, and just “off.” We all have days like this now and then, but having the tools to shift them can make a major difference. I decided to use the power of words and try to speak myself out of the funk. I got out of bed and challenged myself to make my next several statements positive ones about the day. “The sun is peeking out!” “I feel good this morning.” “I’m getting organized and ready for a good day.” “I’m grateful to have fresh flowers in the house.” Within minutes I felt so much better! My entire energy had changed and instead of continuing into my day swimming into a pool of blah and negativity, I’d created a positive shift and signaled my brain to go along for the ride!

I’ve witnessed firsthand the transformative power of positive language, in my own life, in my coaching work, and in the lives of others. I even did a podcast episode that covers how words impact our life. Catch it here (there are some great word swap examples in this episode!).

Multiple studies have shown that the words we use can affect our stress levels, immune system, and even our physical health. When we replace unhelpful words, complaining, and negative self-talk with affirming words, we can reduce stress, create more peace, and create a better outlook on life. We can also use the power of words to help us attract incredible people, opportunities, and experiences like never before.

In addition to choosing different words to speak, we can also use words to get us focused on what we want to attract and create in our lives. To help you get started on this, I’ve included a free downloadable inspiration sheet below to help you go deep and discover the words that represent what you’d like to experience more of in your life. If you’d like, you can use this tool to help you choose a word of the year (or word of the day, month…whatever works for you). Having your own personal word of the year is a great way to stay focused on your true desires and top priorities. (Side note: this inspiration sheet is just one example of the library of super impactful content you’ll find within The Joy School, my exclusive coaching membership for next-leveling your life – it’s a game-changer!).

I hope this has inspired you to start practicing the superpower of using words to shape your life. The results you can create are truly amazing.

GIFTS FOR YOU: Print the Key Focus Words sheet below to help you start focusing on words that represent your desires and intentions. You can do this quick exercise any time to help you get focused, and to get clear on what your current priorities really are. It’s powerful and fun! I also encourage you to grab a piece of paper and write a list of 5 negative words you catch yourself using sometimes and which more positive words you can swap them out for. So good! And, be sure to also grab your access below to my video masterclass, 11 Habits of the Happiest People. It’s packed with great insights and tips. 

Let’s go new season! Let’s make it a great one together. xo

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