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How to Plan an Amazing Fall Season

Happy fall friends! I’ve loved the energy of new beginnings as long as I can remember. I find the start of each season to be a great time to look at and leave behind what’s no longer serving us (some things are just soooo last season!), and to create our intentions and goals for the months ahead.

On that note, I have a fantastic GIFT for you! I created a free inspirational Fall Goals & Intentions printable workbook to help you plan an amazing fall season, and you can DOWNLOAD IT INSTANTLY HERE – no email required. It’s my gift to you to celebrate the season!

Designing an amazing life takes regular planning, effort, growth, and reflection. It helps a great deal to have tools to help guide us toward the goals, clarity, and feelings we’d like to create. Taking time each season to clear space, write down goals and tasks, and feed our souls can make a huge difference in how we experience the months ahead.

The fall is a time to go within, reflect, savor, slow down a bit, and shed the things that are holding us back from being the best version of ourselves.

I hope you enjoy the workbook. I plan to work on mine over the next few days.

Sending you tons of love for the season ahead.

Cheers to a beautiful autumn!

With Joy,

3 Ways to Boost Energy Fast

Afternoon fatigue is something I used to struggle with often, and still do once in a while. We all know the feeling – when the day seems to drag on, and you catch yourself nearly dozing off at your desk (or wherever you are). I knew there had to be helpful ways to reduce this problem and even solve it.

In an effort to help myself beat this frustrating obstacle (I once literally fell asleep with a cup of coffee in my hand! Oops!), I dove in to research and try out a few science-backed solutions. Thankfully, I found a few surprisingly easy tips that really work to help me regain my energy and get back on track. Plus, they have the added bonus of lifting my mood too!

Since I know so many struggle with this same challenge, I wanted to share 3 of my favorite quick ways to boost energy and reclaim your day. These are super simple – elementary, actually – but they really work and are great habits to create. Each can be done anywhere and in under a minute if you need to (key when you’re having a busy day). Ready? Let’s dive in…


1. Power Up with Some Deep Breathing

Many times our energy levels fall low because without even realizing it, we’ve been depriving our brain and cells of vital nutrients and fresh oxygen they need to stay energized. We have a tendency to breathe shallow and even infrequently when we’re focused on projects. After a few hours of this, it can really zap our energy. A quick fix that really works is to get up, move around a bit and shake yourself out, and take 3 to 5 deep breaths, holding each for 5 seconds before exhaling.

This gets your blood flowing and helps to replenish what your body needs to function at higher levels. I do this every morning, mid-day, and any time I feel like I need a boost. Plus, deep breathing has the added benefit of helping to regain focus and reduce stress – win! I sometimes like to set an intention for the rest of the day after doing this, which helps me focus on my goals and raises my emotional energy too…a nice plus.


2. Stay Hydrated

Hydration is absolutely key to maintaining high energy levels throughout the day. Numerous studies have highlighted the importance of hydration in combating fatigue and increasing energy levels. One 2012 study published in the Journal of Nutrition found that even mild dehydration, equivalent to about 1.5% loss of body weight, can lead to decreased mood, increased perception of task difficulty, and reduced concentration, all of which contribute to feeling exhausted.

So, when you start to feel that rough, sucky level of tired kicking in, reach for a big glass of water. The benefits will show up pretty quickly. Throughout the day, aim for practicing good hydration habits, such as a glass of water when you first wake up, keeping a water bottle with you, and making water part of all breaks and meals.


3. Move It

This one is also obvious, but actually paying attention to it and doing it is another thing. Physical activity is a highly-effective way to boost your energy levels, banish brain fog, and increase your overall vitality. You don’t need to spend hours at the gym to benefit – even a short one or two minute burst of movement can do wonders for your energy, muscles, and circulation.

Take a couple of breaks a day to stretch, walk, or do a quick 2-minute workout or solo dance party to a great tune. Like deep breathing, physical movement increases blood flow and oxygenates your body. If you have a few extra minutes, try a short power walk or a few sets of bodyweight exercises. These mini-workouts can re-energize you and really improve your focus.

For an super boost, try combining all three of these tips above together into a short break in your afternoon. Stacked, they’re even more effective.

It’s also important to remember, like with all things that benefit our life, it’s really about taking action. These are positive habits to create, just like brushing your teeth or taking beneficial supplements. Speaking of…I take a superfoods supplement (1/2 the recommended dose) daily, along with a raw B-Complex. I can actually notice a difference in my energy when I forget to do this (especially the B-Complex, which for me has been amazing).  

Boosting your energy doesn’t have to be time-consuming or complicated. Remember, it’s all about taking small, effective steps to create big changes in your energy levels and overall vitality. I love the analogy Brendon Burchard shares about this, that a power plant doesn’t “have” energy, it GENERATES energy – and it’s up to us to do the same!


Here’s to more energetic, vibrant days ahead!

Much love,


3 Tips for Creating a More Joyful Life

Hi Amazing Friends! I’m happy to share that in the new issue of Aspire Magazine (one of my favorite inspirational publications!), I wrote a feature story, 3 Tips for Creating a More Joyful Life, to go with my cover!

Joy not only boosts happiness and makes life more fun, it’s actually a key foundation for so many things, including leadership, health, success, and overall enjoyment of life. 

In the current issue of Aspire, you can read about 3 of my favorite tips for creating more joy in today’s busy, information packed world. With all that life throws our way, it can be easy sometimes to lose track of the things that bring us joy. Can you relate?

Read my article and tips here, and while you’re there,  you can grab yourself a free subscription to Aspire, which has been inspiring women (and a few men!) to live their best lives since 2006. Big thanks to Aspire and its inspiring publisher, the fabulous Linda Joy (what a perfect name for what she does, right?). xo 

My 3 Favorite Things for Reducing Plastic and Paper Waste in the Home

Hi Friends!

Here are the products featured in my recent TikTok video about reducing trash and plastic waste. These are my three favorite things that have helped me to reduce plastic waste in my home. Love! Good vibes all around. Every day should really be Earth Day, right? xo

Reusable Zip Bags

Reusable Kitchen Rags

Beeswax Wraps to replace plastic wrap

Bonus: Drying rack that works for both the bags and the wraps

Thanks for stopping by! Some of our posts may contain affiliate links, but only when mentioning products that have been personally tried and loved by Kristi. In other words, really good stuff. 

A Way to Allow More Joy in Your Life

When things are going really well, do you sometimes find yourself wondering when something might go south?

I have a lot to be happy about right now. So many good things in the works – it’s going to be a big year!

And, it’s in our nature as humans when things are going really well to question it. To have doubts. To focus on what might go wrong or why things might not work out. Instead of just letting things be what they are at that time – really good!

It’s a practice to breathe and allow abundant goodness to just be what it is when it is without questioning it.

And it’s worth the effort to do the mindset work to be able to soak in and enJOY those times when life is really good! This work is a great way to allow more joy in your life (and other good things as well!).

Sometimes we have to be willing to do the work to train ourselves out of our nature for our own benefit.

And really good doesn’t mean some things aren’t still hard. Or that life is perfect at that time. Or that the grief that resides in your heart has disappeared. It just means everything is working out, overall good things are in the works, and most of all, it’s about FEELING good. How we feel is everything.

Mindfully allowing joy, happiness, and good feelings in more often supports us in creating the feelings we desire. It begins with actively looking for the good, feeling the good feelings, and then allowing it all to just BE in that moment (this can be the hard part, but with practice, it will become a beneficial habit).

I’m grateful for all the powerful tools and practices I’ve learned over the years that support me in feeling great more often in my life. It didn’t used to be that way, and now I truly can’t ask for much more! This is why I’m so massively passionate about the teachings I share. They really do work and they can change lives (and have).

There are SO many amazing learnable skills for creating and living our best life. They take practice and willingness to learn and grow. But it’s all doable!

One of those skills is just to allow the good to be good. The amazing to be amazing. And really get comfortable with it when it’s happening, because much more of that is possible for all of us.

There’s enough hard in life. There’s enough of the tough stuff. Let’s practice letting the waves of good to simply be really good when they come without questioning. Who’s in?

What’s so amazing right now that it scares you a little? How can you stretch yourself to allow it to just be? Where might you be blocking or questioning good feelings and things in your life without even realizing it?

I invite you to sign up and access my free masterclass, 11 Habits of the Happiest People. It’s a great jump start in discovering just a few of the powerful shifts and habits that can truly make a difference in our happiness, peace, and success. You can register for VIP access here. It’s my gift to you with much love.

And, if you’d like to learn a little more about how can sometimes tend to sabotage good things or fear the great, here’s a fascinating article in Fast Company on this very topic.

With light and joy,


Three Keys to Achieving Your Goals This Year

Who else is very goal focused this year? I’m looking to make some amazing things happen in the near future! While mapping out my plans, I was inspired to share a few of my best tips that I’m using to help stay on track. I thought they might be helpful to you with your goals and dreams too. So, below I’m sharing three keys to achieving your goals this year.

These are principles I’ve used in the past and try to live by, and I’m definitely amplifying them this year with all I have planned. They’ve helped me write two books (soon to be three!), countless articles, build a successful business with clients I love and admire, improve my relationships, and achieve many health and soul related goals.

Two of My Big Goals This Year

I’m committed to two big goals this year. The first is the launch of my dynamic, supportive, unique monthly membership, The Joy School (kind of like a gym membership for the soul!). There is nothing else out there like it and I’m looking so forward to sharing all that it will offer! If you’d like want to jump on the VIP wait list and be the first to know when the doors open, download my free audioclass, The 11 Habits of the Happiest People and you’re in! Plus, you’ll get an invite to the virtual launch party!

My second goal is to ease into becoming into the best health and the best shape I’ve been in in over a decade. Last year, I struggled with a number of (obscure!) health issues that were both scary and draining. I’m committed to getting into fantastic shape and optimal health this year. And, to having fun and bringing the joy while doing it! I’ll be sharing some tips and inspo from my journey over on Instagram, so be sure to join me over there and say hello.

So, with that, here are my favorite three (major!) keys to achieving your goals this year (and any time):


Start by setting your goals and identifying your key high-value tasks. Then, take time to align your energy, your thoughts, your actions, and your priorities with your big goals.

Make this a daily practice.

Alignment is a huge part of achieving and attracting what you desire.


Consistency is a super power. Many people who achieve great success got there mainly because they showed up for their goals on a daily basis and made consistent, reliable effort to move things forward and deliver value to the world. This is perhaps the most important element of success. Be that person who shows up regularly for their dreams and you’ll be amazed how far it will take you.


In a world that is constantly pulling focus away from our priorities, train your mind to stay focused on the important tasks and goals at hand. Reduce and eliminate distractions. Set aside a specific amount of time for each high-value task or project and keep your focus there until it’s done. Create habits that support you in staying focused. This is a tremendous gift you can give yourself and a big act of self-love.


Whatever your dreams and goals are for this year, no matter how big or small, I’d love to support you. You can grab a copy of my book, Operation Happiness (or the audiobook), download the free audio class I mentioned above, and tune in to my podcast, The Joy School Podcast on Apple, iHeartRadio, Spotify, and other podcast platforms. And, always feel free to leave me a comment or drop me a note on social – I read and answer them all, and I love hearing from you!

Much love and cheers to beautiful times ahead!




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