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“Kristi wants to smash the idea that happiness is a lucky accident that befalls some people and not others.”

-Success Magazine

Happiness is not something you find, it’s something you do.

You have the power to create more amazing days, and more amazing days add up to a pretty amazing life.  

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Creating your happiest, healthiest life is a very personal journey and is

different for everyone

And, there are foundational tools and proven principles that can help lead you on your unique journey to the happiest, healthiest version of YOU!

After years of my own struggle with unhappiness, chronic stress, low energy, and an overall sense of mediocrity, I discovered a powerful, life-changing truth: Happiness is not just a feeling, it’s an activity! It’s actually a SKILL! And it’s something anyone can learn, practice, and become GOOD at, just like you’d learn to play a musical instrument!

None of us were born knowing how to drive a car. But most all of us learned at some point. The same is true for happiness! I’d love to show you how to get GOOD at being happy and thriving in your life! I did it, and I’m passionate about sharing what really, truly works. There’s actually biology involved, along with key practices and effective strategies. I teach all about it through my program The Joy School (it’s kind of like a gym for your mind, soul, and creating your best life!), through my books, podcast, and through every piece of content I create. We all have the power within us to become the happiest, healthiest, most dynamic versions of ourselves – we just need the right tools to light our way!

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As long as I can remember, I’ve had a passion for personal growth, wellness, and transformation. In 2008, after recovering from a catastrophic illness and some major life challenges, I discovered the world of coaching and was captivated by the positive change and incredible results that could be created.

I’ve spent over 15 years extensively studying personal and professional development, including the areas of positive psychology, the power of habits, success foundations, mindset tools, neuroscience, total wellness, and emotional fitness.

Along the way, I completely transformed my own life, wrote a bestselling book, launched a successful life and business coaching venture teaching incredibly effective tools and mindsets, and became an inspirational speaker and podcast host. I’m on a mission to help as many people as I can to live happier, longer, more vibrant lives. Thanks so much for visiting. I invite you to explore what’s here for you, and would love to have you join my community! Cheers to amazing days ahead!

Bestselling author, transformational life coach, inspirational speaker, and podcast host, Kristi's on a mission to help people live happier, more vibrant lives.

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Kristi has uncovered a reliable, empowering path to greater happiness that anyone can follow to create meaningful, positive results.
- Christina Rasmussen,
author of Second Firsts
Kristi wants to smash the idea that happiness is a lucky accident that befalls some people and not others.
- Success Magazine
Kristi combines compelling personal stories with specific how-tos and clear actionable steps to help others create a solid foundation for sustainable happiness.
- Awareness Magazine

Become the Happiest Version of You!

Discover 11 (totally DOABLE) Habits of the Happiest People

Get the FREE Masterclass (a $79 value!)

*You’ll also get a subscription to Kristi’s content-packed digital magazine. Your information will not be shared.


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