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Ready to feel happier, more energetic,

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What would it be like if you had the powerful support and difference-making tools you needed to

elevate your life

in incredible ways and become the


version of you?

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I’m Kristi Ling Spencer and I'm so glad you’ve found your way here!

The Joy School is a dynamic, fun lifestyle membership program designed to help you create more amazing days and level up your life in incredible ways – with lasting results. 

If you’re feeling like there’s more to life than you’ve been experiencing…like something’s missing, you’ve lost your light and you’re ready to get it back, or you feel stuck in the same patterns of general “blahness” and overwhelm…

You know in your heart you’re meant for a bigger, brighter, HAPPIER life (you’re not alone – I’ve been there too –  and you’re also absolutely right!)…

…and you’re ready to level-up to a new, incredible way of being in the world that’s filled with more joy, success, great energy, community, happiness, powerful perspective, and abundance…

There’s a detailed road map waiting for you within The Joy School!

“Someone said to me The Joy School is kind of like a
gym membership
for the soul
and creating your best life. I love that because it's the perfect way to describe it!”

– Kristi Ling Spencer, Bestselling Author, Transformational Coach, and Founder of The Joy School

Imagine starting each morning feeling more peaceful, energetic, confident, joyful, and excited about the day ahead.

What if you felt great more of the time and had next-level insight and powerful tools for creating more success and abundance, as well as navigating life’s challenging times? 

What if many more of your days went just the way you’d like them to?

Sound good?!
Something we say within this extraordinary, unique membership is,

“You have the power to create more amazing days, and more amazing days add up to a pretty amazing life!”

The Joy School, founded by bestselling author and internationally recognized transformational coach Kristi Ling Spencer, is meant to interrupt your life—in a good way! To shake up what you’ve been tolerating, accepting, and experiencing in positive, monumental, change-creating ways.

In this membership, we take charge of every area of our lives in powerful ways using incredibly effective tools and frameworks for creating the amazing, dynamic, joyful lives we deserve. With an empowering new theme each month, regular fresh content on-demand, and live group coaching & celebrations…

We learn to show up for life in ways that has life showing up for us.

i’m ready to live a joy-filled life!
i love my life!

But it wasn't always that way.

About 17 years ago, I finally dropped everything and decided I didn’t want to live the way I was living anymore. I no longer wanted to tolerate the feelings of being unfulfilled, full of anxiousness, people pleasing… and the constant nag that I was meant for so much more. Oh, how I wished I’d had something like The Joy School then!

I set out on a mission and dove in to every book and program I could find on inspiration, mindset work, healing, positive psychology, success, life coaching, and nutrition. I tried endless tools and techniques, figured out what really worked and what didn’t (and filtered out what was total BS, because there’s a lot of that out there!).

All that hard work completely paid off! It transformed my life and me as a person! I became happier, healthier, more productive, and more excited about each day. I became more confident, set healthy boundaries, and made no apologies for being the version of me I wanted to be!

I fell so in love with everything I’d learned and was so blown away by the results that are possible for all of us, I decided I wanted to dedicate my work helping others transform their lives too. So, for the past 15 years, I’ve continued to research and study the most effective personal and professional development concepts and coaching strategies, including only the very best in the work I do, along with many original new tools, habits, and methods that are amazingly affective and supportive. This membership works! – Kristi Ling Spencer

I’m passionate about the work I do in the world and I’m so excited to invite you on this journey!

My goal is to help you construct big shifts in the way you’ve been viewing and experiencing not just happiness - but life

– and to show you, step-by-step, exactly where and how to begin easily cultivating more lasting, sustainable joy, love, adventure, success, and personal peace. The Joy School is not just intended to help you create immediate positive change; it’s also to support you in getting to a clear, incredibly empowered place where you can continue learning, expanding upon, and mastering the skills that help us be the best and happiest version of ourselves much more of the time. 

How does
The Joy School work?

The Joy School is a supportive, dynamic monthly coaching experience and community filled with surprisingly doable life-enhancing tools, empowering mindset shifts, happiness-boosting practices, and powerful, realistic methods and approaches for a huge variety of difference-making areas. 

The Joy School is designed to help you take charge, take your life back, and create your life with purpose and intention, rather than letting life be in charge of you. When you dive in to our library of classes and resources, along with inspiring new classes and topics each month, you should begin to experience immediate results, and over time, huge, noticeable positive change.

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Kristi shares some of her personal story and introduces you to a few of the most foundational secrets for creating better days immediately (plus, how to make the most of your membership).


Each month, Kristi will select a new empowering theme (word of the month) to support you in focusing on creating positive change in specific areas. Classes include inspiration sheets and other resources around the current theme.

Access to a Fantastic Library

of on-demand audios, video workshops, resources, and printables to support you in a variety of specific areas you feel may feel called to work on (library is regularly updated with new bonus content).

Laser-Coaching audios

A short, digestible laser-coaching audio each month with a new habit or tool to work on supporting your bigger goals.

Monthly Q&A Video

Monthly coaching Q & A video with Kristi answering and coaching on your important questions.

access to bonuses

Access to periodic bonus workshops and events including Makeover Your Mornings, Spring Clean Your Spirit, Creating Your Best Year, and more.

live Seasonal
“Wrap Parties”

Live Zoom with Kristi at the start of each new season celebrating our accomplishments, community, and growth, as well as setting intentions and talking about what’s coming up in The Joy School. The change of seasons is a powerful time to re-visit intentions and embrace fresh starts and new creativity!

Online Community

Connect with fellow members in our private Facebook Community. Meet new like-minded friends and share your wins so we can all celebrate together. (optional)

bonus swag bag!

For a limited time, all new members receive a fabulous "swag bag" in the snail mail as a special welcome gift! It's packed with a signed copy of Kristi's book, a rose quartz crystal to bring the energy of love and support to your journey in the membership, a beautiful custom bookmark, a journal for notes, & more.

Just a few of the topics covered include cultivating more confidence, upleveling self-love, creating stronger relationships, experiencing more peace, manifesting our desires, the skills of happiness, abundance, and joy, wellness, heart healing, achieving greater success, boundary setting, achieving life-changing goals, and much more.

The Joy School offers a supportive, ongoing flow of proven, doable techniques, powerful mindset shifts, life-supporting habits, helpful life hacks, and simple secrets for creating the happier, more dynamic, energetic life you’re dreaming of! Plus, it’s FUN!

I’m Ready to say YES to Powerful, Positive Change!

Just a few of

The Joy School

membership goals

Wake up each day with proven tools to create more great energy, love, and enthusiasm for your life.
See yourself in a solid, unwavering, grounded way as the beautiful, together, capable, amazing person that you are.
Become the happiest, very best version of you, and continue to grow, evolve, and heal in extraordinarily powerful ways.
Start mindfully saying no to people, places, and things that stress you out or drain your energy, and to say YES with intention to more of what lights you up and gives you energy.
Be part of a community of positive, goal-minded people dedicated to growth, success, joy, and personal peace.

If you’re feeling this, it’s time to gift yourself a new start and take the step that will change your world and enhance your life in incredible ways!

YES, I’M READY! Let's go!

“Kristi wants to smash the idea that
happiness is a
lucky accident
that befalls some people and not others!”

-Success Magazine

My goal is that this membership will lovingly support you in creating – and maintaining – the transformation you dream of.

And, that it will save you a great deal of time and even money because there’s over 15 years of research, trial and error, and thousands of dollars invested in boiling everything down to what really, truly works for creating an authentically happy, healthy, successful and exciting life!

It’s all condensed and curated in The Joy School waiting to be discovered and enjoyed!

The monthly value of everything included within the school is over $697.00 (over $8300 a year!).

But, I’m so passionate about this work I really wanted it be accessible to as many people as possible, to change as many lives as possible, and be set up in a way that it can be a positive, ongoing part of your life.

So…I decided to do something really bold and make it available at a fraction of my regular coaching rates at just $79 a month or $847 annually!

You're invited to

Become A Member!

Welcome BONUS Swag Bag for a limited time

For a limited time, new members receive an exclusive “swag bag” of bonus gifts in the MAIL! Your welcome care package includes:

a personalized signed copy of Kristi’s bestselling hardcover book, Operation Happiness
a printed notepad version of The Joy School’s most popular worksheet, “The Daily Edit”
A beautiful bookmark
A journal for notes
a personal note from Kristi and a rose quartz crystal heart.
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you’ll receive exclusive bonus gifts in the actual SNAIL MAIL! (Yes, a real package!)



I’m ready for a fresh start and to create my best life!

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The Joy School



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The Joy School



*Save $101.00, receive exclusive invites to an annual member events, and an extra surprise gift in your welcome package



“The happiest, most successful people don’t find happiness like you’d find a penny on the ground. They consciously and deliberately create it with intent, passion, and purpose. I created The Joy School to empower as many people as possible to create their most amazing life with using the extraordinary mindsets, tools, and techniques that I know are incredibly effective – because they have changed my life and the lives of so many in remarkable ways! There’s no other coaching program like it.” 

– Kristi Ling Spencer


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