Hi Friends!  It’s been beautiful lately here in L.A., so I’ve had tons of opportunity to work in my garden.  It’s one of those things that totally lights me up!  Here’s a picture (left) of the peaceful new seating area I just finished. While building a fence over the weekend (yes, me with hammers, nails, [...]

Yesterday I was sitting in the peaceful waiting area at my gym, waiting for a massage appointment. Another woman sat down to my left just as two ladies entered arm in arm, one helping the other into a chair. When I saw their faces, I knew right away they were mother and daughter. The striking [...]

I Attended a super interesting lecture last night featuring Dr. Masaru Emoto, about the power of positive and negative energies, including our thoughts, language, and music, and how they impact water (and, as adults, we are made of 70% water). His research shows that positive thoughts, expressions, and beautiful music have an amazing positive impact [...]

I can’t tell you how excited I am for fall. It’s my favorite season! There is something about the feeling in the air and the changing of the colors in nature that is so unbelievably inspiring to me. Fall is usually a time when things in my life seem to be going really well. But [...]