First, can I just say how excited I am that summer is here!! It’s my favorite season for a zillion reasons, sunshine being my #1! Summer makes my soul happy! And, speaking of happy, I was inspired to share five of my favorite summer style picks from Amazon with you! I’ve expanded what I write [...]

Last year, I went on a huge, amazing journey to downsize my life.  I sold my large house and about 70% of everything I owned.  I bought a small house on roughly a quarter acre and started a little urban farm.  I can’t tell you how healing, inspiring, and fulfilling it’s been. Along my path [...]

Hi Friends!  I’m noticing on social media and in conversations with friends and family that many people seem to feel that Christmas came very quickly this year, and a lot of people are stressing about finishing their holiday shopping.  To that, I say this: Keep calm and simplify your giving. One of my favorite sayings [...]