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3 Simple Last Minute Gifts From the Heart

best things in life are not thingsHi Friends! I’m noticing on social media and in conversations with friends and family that many people seem to feel that Christmas came very quickly this year, and a lot of people are stressing about finishing their holiday shopping. To that, I say this: Keep calm and simplify your giving.

One of my favorite sayings is that the best things in life are not things. So, on that note, here are three great, heartfelt, last minute gift ideas that will make anyone on your list smile.

1. Give the gift of your time. In this busy, over-plugged in world, actual face time with loved ones is precious. Write in a card that you will take your friend to lunch, dinner, a move… whatever you’re inspired to do – but make it a gift of quality time. This is one of my favorite gifts to give and to receive. Take photos and make memories.

2. Make a donation in their name to a charity you know they support. Again, you can note this inside a pretty holiday card and maybe include a print out of what the organization is currently working on. I’m passionate about marine conservation, so knowing that someone gave a gift to help save sharks or sea turtles? Awesome!

3. Be of service in some way. Give your loved one a gift of babysitting, pet sitting, or a couple of hours of your time to help them clean out their garage, closet… whatever! Know a couple that could use a night out together? Offer to babysit (and maybe even throw in a couple of movie tickets). Have a friend feeling overwhelmed by an upcoming move? Create a fun coupon for 3 hours of “packing time” and show up with boxes and newspaper for packing. Be creative!

These are all good vibes gifts that are meaningful, make memories, and won’t add clutter. And, you don’t have to go to the mall!

Happy holidays blissful ones! I’m so grateful to you.

Much Love,

xo Kristi

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