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The Power of Your Expectations

Much of the way we experience our day comes from what we expect of it. Expect amazing things today and it will be. Expect crap and that’s what you’ll get. It’s pretty simple.

Last week I took a day off to go paddleboarding in Malibu for my birthday. It was totally delicious. The water was gorgeous, the sun was shining, and a pod of dolphins came close to us, jumping and playing. I had looked forward to this for days.

I can tell you for sure that one thing that helped make it so fabulous was that I expected it to be! In the days leading it up to going, I was making statements like, “I’m going paddleboarding on Thursday. It’s going to be amazing!”

I grew up with a major fear of the ocean. I wouldn’t even go in past my knees. For a Southern California girl, this is a bit of a problem, as you might imagine. Years ago, I finally set my mind to overcoming the fear and now jump at any opportunity to get in the water. But, to be honest, there is still a sneaky little bugger inside of me that will creep in and stir up anxiety when I’m faced with going into open ocean far from the shore.

That little bugger was tempting me to make statements like, “I’m a little nervous I might fall in,” or “Going that far from the shore can be scary.” I guarantee if that were the mindset I’d been in prior to hitting the water, it would have drastically changed my experience. But, I chose to ignore that negative $h*%, and instead chose to expect a fantastic experience. And it was.

Our expectations for the day usually begin in the morning. When you wake up, be conscious about the statements you’re making and the thoughts you’re choosing about the day ahead. If you’re thinking, “That marketing meeting this afternoon is going to suck big time,” you’re not only setting yourself up for a negative experience, you’re also putting out low vibrations that affect other aspects of life too. Changing your outlook and expectation can literally change the experience.

This isn’t to say that everything will always turn out the way we expect it to. That would be boring! Just that our expectations play a huge role in shaping the way we live – the richness, the light, the lessons, and the joy.

So, when it comes to creating a fantastic life, be sure to add setting high-quality, positive expectations to your happiness toolbox. Expect awesomeness. Expect fantastic experiences. Expect an amazing, delicious, joyful life and it will be.

Much love & bliss,
~ Kristi

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