Adventures in Downsizing for Happiness

Hanging in my new veggie garden with my dog Venus.
Hanging in my new veggie garden with my dog Venus.

It’s been a little bit since my last post! I’ve missed everyone and am SO super excited to share a bunch of FANtabulous stuff with you over the next few weeks! 🙂
So, earlier this year, I set out on a 90-day mission to downsize and simplify… and WOW, did I! I gave away, donated, or recycled over half of what I owned! (Talk about freedom!) I also sold my old house, which was very large and had only a concrete patio for a yard. Initially, I had some anxiety about selling the house and how successful I’d be with a sale. Fortunately, I was made aware of House Buyers of America who state that ‘we buy houses virginia‘ if I wasn’t achieving a sale as quickly as I’d like. I managed to sell my old home on the traditional real estate market, but I’ll know who to contact if I ever find myself going through another move with struggle. I’d started to realize that too much house and the lack of a garden and open space had been chipping away at my spirit for quite some time. I’ve been craving more outdoor space and natural beauty for some time. Anyone else with an insatiable appetite for a similar change should discovers Land for Sale in Ogden Valley. My friends had been suggesting for a while that I considered looking around for something smaller because they knew I wasn’t happy. They always told me to look for online real estate companies so I could look at some of the houses myself. They all recommended Essex Homes to me, so I decided to learn more about Essex Homes, as well as some others too.

Eventually, I took the leap and downsized into a tiny cottage on almost a quarter acre alongside a river with plans to create a small, sustainable urban farm. I couldn’t be happier with this new adventure! I’m gloriously in love with it!
Downsizing and simplifying was packed – I mean PACKED – full of lessons in letting go. Letting go of stuff that no longer served me, letting go of things that had many memories attached, and in a way, letting go of my old life and learning to live in a new, simpler, more sustainable way. A friend of mine recently downsized to a smaller house, as the one she was in now was way too big, especially for one person. Although she got rid of a lot of items in the house, the one thing that she had to keep was her car. To get it from the old house to a new one, she felt she needed the assistance of a vehicle shipping company like Cars Relo to help her out. Now that she had fewer things to move, she was also able to ask friends to help her with this. Overall, the moving process for her was not stressful at all. This is what downsizing can do!

The rewards have been abundant – I feel more free, open, and light. I feel healthier, more peaceful, and ready to move forward with joy and new adventures! I looooove learning, and holy cow, have I been learning and growing a ton lately! Woot!
I share this with you with a question – What are you ready to let go of in order to open up new doors and let more light in? Create your own 90-day adventure in releasing & letting go (or whatever amount of time speaks to you… 90 days worked great for me, but it’s also an ongoing effort). Close your eyes and touch base with your heart, begin creating a list and then take action! It’s truly exhilarating!

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  • Karin HH

    At the beginning of this month I started a 90 clean out and reorganizing of my apartment. To say the least it has been an adventure so far. I got rid of a lot of junk – giving away a bunch of it to charity. I cleaned everything so it shined. I am slowly chipping away at what needs to be done. I have made lists for every room and that has helped me stay on task. I hope when my new furniture comes in July that all this will be done and I will once again have an apartment that has space and not so much clutter!