A Great Positive Thinking Exercise

Some researchers believe that up to 70% of our thoughts are negative, with only 30% positive. Whaaaat??? Becoming more aware of your thoughts and reversing those numbers can change your life! Make a point over the next 30 days to be aware of your thoughts.  When you catch a negative one, try to re-word it into something more positive.  Soon you’ll do this naturally and your whole world will change.

If you feel you need some extra support in this endeavor, try keeping a journal of negative thoughts when you catch them, and then write down how you can change it into something more positive.  You can also tell a close friend, family member, or your partner that you’re working on this and ask them to help you out.  They can help to gently and lovingly point out negativity when they notice it.  You can even invite them to join you on your positivity mission!

If you believe in the power of affirmations like I do, know that even negative thoughts or statements are affirmations.  And, negative attracts negative just like positive attracts positive.


“I can’t believe that happened to me again!” – change to: “I’m going to do something about this situation so that doesn’t happen again.”

“I had an awful day today.” – change to: “I learned a few things today and I’m glad to be safe and sound. I plan to make tomorrow awesome!”

“I’m tired.” – change to: “Time to honor my body and mind by getting the rest I need. Break time!” (Then, REALLY take a break – even a short one. And, while you’re at it, grab a green drink!)

In time, you can train your mind to shift negative thoughts into more positive ones.  With mindful practice, it will soon come naturally.  You’ll feel lighter, your light will shine brighter, and people will notice the new, more positive you.  Positivity is contagious!

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