Creating Simple Sacred Spaces

Creating Sacred Spaces

A quiet spot for conversation under my giant ash tree.

Having a quiet, peaceful spot to sit and read, meditate, have a mindful conversation, or just re-connect with your heart is an important element of self care and empowering your life.

At my dreamy new little urban farm in L.A., I’ve created a healing garden, meditation area, and a cozy seating spot under a giant ash tree in corner of the property. The spot under the Ash tree is a place where I go just to sit and dream, be creative, and contemplate. It’s also the perfect spot to have a cold drink and enriching conversation.

You don’t need a big place to create your sacred space. Just a simple chair under a tree, quiet place in your home where you can sit and reflect (the bathroom even works for this in a pinch – light some candles and put some soft music on your smartphone).

One thing’s for sure – just stepping away from the places you spend the most time, such as your office, bedroom, living room, etc. and in itself create a small shift that can help you clear your thoughts and touch base with your inner-voice.

If you don’t already have one, how can you create a sacred space to enjoy? Do some brainstorming and identify your spot. You can add a few objects that inspire you. For example, I have carved statues and stones that represent healing energy in my healing garden. You could also take some things with you to your sacred space that add to the healing energy created, such as yoni eggs that are the same as your birthstone. Then find a spot to sit, and you’re all set!

I’d love for you to share your sacred space ideas in the comment space below, or about spaces you’ve created.

Love, bliss, & happy summer! ~ Kristi

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