How to be Responsible for Your Energy and Shine Brighter

Love Won AnotherLearning to recognize when you need to shift your energy to a higher, brighter vibration is an awesome life skill that is worth honing.

Regularly tuning in to ask yourself, “How is my energy right now, and is it lifting me up, as well as the people around me?” Then, if needed, take steps toward shifting.  You can also ask yourself, “Am I approaching my world and the people in my life with big love right now?”

Choosing to see the world and everything around us through a loving lens is the key to creating a life filled with high quality energy, joy, and peace.  It also offers us effective, conscious approaches to problem solving.  Especially when it comes to relationships.

I can think back on several times in my life where simple shifts in the energy I was putting out would have changed the course of my life in positive ways, and definitely would have spared me from a few crash and burn moments. I take full responsibility for those times now, have learned from them, and clearly see how my low-vibrations negatively affected different situations.  Focusing on love is where it’s at.

Over the past couple of years especially, it’s become crystal clear to me that if we can open ourselves to being willing to look in the mirror and see when the energy we’re carrying is negative or coming from a place of lack, we take back our power to create quantum change.  It can be challenging, but with an open mind, heightened awareness, and practice, these kinds of self energy checks will come naturally and be hugely beneficial.

There are many things we can do to shift our energy.  The key is finding what works for you personally, and then keeping those things in your toolbox to pull out and apply when needed.  When your energy changes, you can literally feel it in your core.  Here are three ideas I’ve found helpful for creating personal energy shifts:

1) Change gears and do something different.  Go for a walk, spend a few minutes with a pet, hit the gym, or turn on some music and have a 2 minute dance party.  Or, simply take some deep breaths and shift focus on something funny or uplifting.

2) Take a few minutes to sit somewhere in silence and think only about love, compassion, what you’re grateful for, and positive intentions.  A tool that I love for this is The 3 S’s.

3) Do something healthy for your cells.  Pop a multivitamin, drink a green drink, hydrate your body with a big glass of purified water, have an organic veggie salad for lunch.  Doing something healthy for your body will lift you up and create an immediate shift in your energy, both on a physical level and a vibrational one.

Create the habit of regularly turning inward for a self energy check.  When we shine bright, everyone and everything around us shines brighter too.

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