Go Ahead and Feel Free to Wander

It's okay to just wander now and then.In case you’ve been wondering, it’s okay to be a wanderer. It’s okay to not know what you want to be when you grow up – no matter what your age. It’s okay to deliberately create totally new chapters of your life any time you feel inspired, to explore, to marvel, to desire.

Love everything and everyone, make your art, plant your seeds. Live with amazement, passion, and a sense of wonder. Shake things up. Let go of the tendency to compare yourself to others, and of other people’s opinions.

Free yourself from the idea of what you thought your life would be or should be, and be enlivened by what is and what can be.

You are a radiant, gifted being of light. Embrace the now and be ready and open for what might be next. Go after that dream your heart’s been longing for. Seek adventure. Anything can happen!

xoxo Love, Kristi

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