You Need This List… It’s a Must-Have For Happiness

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I’m a big fan of lists.  I love them.  Something about writing things down helps to re-enforce things in our minds, and putting things on paper just makes them a little more…electric. Did you create a list of goals or resolutions at the beginning of this year?  I did, and so far, so good!  But, this year I realized there is another very important, empowering list we all need that most of us are forgetting to create.  A list that can help us stay on track with happiness, stay connected to our inner-voice, and help compel us to create our dream life.

A list of the things that light up your soul.

Why is this so important?  Because it’s super easy to get so focused on achieving goals and routines of everyday life that we forget to deliberately incorporate the things that really light us up, support our happiness, and drive our inspiration.  And, because spending time turning inward and tapping into our hearts can lead to new discoveries about our passions, what’s really important, and how we can better invite the things that truly bring us joy into our lives more often.

Any time we’re creating a list of goals, we should also be creating a list of the things that light us up and fill our souls with bliss.  You can even compare the two lists to see what connects to what, adding even more fuel and clarity to your plan.

Personally, I love lists of ten. I create them all the time.  This just seems like a doable number to me. Not overdone or underdone.  But, sometimes just listing for as long as the ideas flow can be awesome too.

To help you get started, I thought I’d share my current list of ten things that light me up right now.  They’re big and small. Simple and complex. And, to me, they’re all a “Hell yes!”


Stand up paddleboarding

Snorkeling and free diving


Helping others to think about and approach happiness in new ways

Deep, soulful conversations with friends and family


Gardening, fresh flowers, and growing my own food



Great music (especially live)


Ready?  Grab a pen, find a quiet spot, connect to your heart, and create your list of things that really, truly light up your soul.  Your own bliss list.  You might be surprised at what appears on it.  Let your heart speak through your pen.  I suggest handwriting for sure, especially if you use cursive writing, because it stimulates the brain in ways that help with comprehension and focus.  Plus, it’s just a soulful break from anything electronic, and we need as many of those as we can get.

Create and re-create this list often.  Keep it where you can see it every day.  Think of it as a heart-centered meditation, an action plan, and a to-do list all in one.  Of all of our lists, the list of what truly lights us up and fills us with awe in this life is the most powerful and significant of all.

Feel free to share some of the things you’ll be adding to your list below – I’d love to hear them!

Much love & bliss,



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