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A Tip for When You Feel Invisible

We can all feel a bit invisible sometimes. As humans, some of our core desires are to feel seen and heard. With all I do, it may be hard to believe that sometimes I feel invisible. But I do now and then. Sometimes we just don’t feel seen or like we’re making a difference (no matter how untrue that may be), and that can be disheartening.

Funny, though, how we receive little reminders from the Universe that everything is okay. That we do matter. Yesterday, that came in the form of a letter from a reader of my book Operation Happiness telling me that listening to the audio version has made a difference for her.

Her note caught me on an “off” day. I was feeling a little discouraged and frustrated after a few setbacks. Her note came at a perfect time and meant a great deal to me. Sometimes we just need to be reminded that we’re seen and what we do makes a difference, right? (Of course, my dog Mai Tai reminds me of this every meal time lol – lots of pics of her on Instagram, BTW).

Affirmations for Feeling Seen

When I’m feeling a bit invisible or having an “off” day, one of the best tools I know of is using affirmations. You’ve likely heard about them, but did you know there is actual science behind the use of affirmations that shows that their use activates neural pathways in our brain that can lift our mood and help us to feel happier and more positive?

If you don’t regularly use them already for everything from confidence to joy to success, I highly recommend you add a few favorites to your toolbox. Paste them where you can see them. Memorize them and repeat to yourself when needed. Share them out loud with yourself in the mirror or with a loved one.

One of my favorites is very simple and always seems to help when I’m feeling invisible:

“I am seen. I am heard. I am loved.”

It’s simple, but writing this down on a sticky note and putting somewhere visible, as well as closing my eyes and repeating it to myself several times seems to be an instant mood lifter. Plus, it’s the truth. Even when we don’t feel seen, heard, or loved — we are and sometimes we just need to be reminded (even if we are reminding ourselves).

Try closing your eyes and repeating this affirmation to yourself a few times (bonus – smile while you’re doing it to amp up the effectiveness).

“I am seen. I am heard. I am loved.”


Here are a few more favorites for feeling seen: “I matter and what I do matters.” “My feelings are valid.” “I am worthy of love and capable of amazing things.” Try reading them out loud to yourself…

Feels pretty good, right?


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