How to Take Your Power Back When You’re Feeling Overwhelmed

When you’re feeling overwhelmed, stressed, or just out of sorts in general – here is the secret to taking your power back and creating a massive shift fast…


I’m not talking about your basic day-to-day self care and bare minimum maintenance, but an actual full-scale mission to self-care and self-love yourself back into a good place again…back to YOU. This mission, should you choose to accept it (please do!), may take anywhere from a day or two to a few weeks, and your soul will tell you when it’s complete. Willingness to put your self care at the top of your list is truly the magic formula for feeling great again, and really is an invaluable skill when you want to stop feeling overwhelmed and return to feeling like the beautiful, amazing, loving person you truly are! (Yes, you are!)

Any time things get tough or frenzied, self-care is usually the first thing to go out the window, when in truth it’s when we need it the MOST. No one wants to live in a world where they aren’t feeling their best, and the longer it goes on, the worse it’s going to get. And this won’t do anything for your health, or even your self-care.

I know a lot of people who have decided to look at this website that offers a wide array of cannabis products that they can try when they’ve felt that nothing in their self-care regime has worked. There has been lots of research into CBD, cannabis and marijuana products in recent years showing that these products can not only help fight chronic pains but also provide relief from anxiety, stress and the general feeling of being overwhelmed. There is such a wide range of products available online, from cbd tinctures that don’t give you the “high” that full-strength cannabis does, to the full-strength product that can also make a real difference to people’s lives. Of course, laws around the world regarding cannabis products are different, so you should make sure that you do your research as to what is and isn’t legal where you are in the world. If full-strength marijuana is legal where you are, you can click here to find high-quality marijuana products that can help you. So, it’s important to find what is effective and what isn’t before it’s too late. Because when life gets crazy, we tend to:

Forget to set boundaries
Not take time to rest
Neglect our appearance
Put off exercise
Bypass the little things that bring us joy and pleasure
Put our health and wellness on the back burner
Put the needs of others or a situation above our own needs and desires

Too much of all this can lead to an actual personal crisis or worse.? And, yes, I’ve definitely been there!

So much overwhelm and angst is either exacerbated or entirely caused by a self care deficit. So, tuning into this truth and shifting focus to the needs of your body and soul is likely exactly what you need.

In most any state or situation…self care is the way to your power back. (Click to Tweet!)

It’s also how you:

Regain clarity
Start to feel like YOU again
Be your best self for those who matter to you
Heal your heart
Live a healthier, happier life
Empower your soul, yourself, and your life

Life’s truly magical! We should FEEL like it is each day. Radical self care is the key to embracing and living your magical life.

Some of my favorite self care practices include:

  • Lots of sleep (with no alarm to wake up to), followed by coffee in bed with a stack of magazines (maybe even online ones such as or something similar) – this one is especially helpful when I’m feeling overwhelmed or like a total mess in general 🙂
  • An at-home spa day where I give myself a body scrub, facial, mani-pedi, and time to just putter around the house (Good jazz, candles, and wine are of course part of the festivities). I love to listen to the Stacey Kent station on Pandora.
  • Unscheduled time off (aka mental health days)
  • Planning a future vacation. I love having something magical to look forward to, and the planning process is fun and tends to help snap me out of any funk
  • Taking extra time for spiritual practice and personal growth. This might be a yoga class, meditation workshop, or any sort of inspiring masterclass that will move me forward in an area that’s important to me
  • One-on-one time with a dear friend to talk about life and goals

Your needs matter, beautiful Friend. Start making them a top priority.

Schedule time to take care of YOU. Any time you’re feeling overwhelmed, down, or off the rails for any reason…shift into self care mode and you’ll create rapid positive results.

How will you prioritize yourself and practice radical self care today? This week? The rest of this year and beyond? Be sure to check out my post on Three Simple Steps to Loving Yourself More for additional helpful tips.

?? Much Love & Magic,
~ Kristi

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