5 Tips for Boosting Positive Energy in Your Life

If you’re like me (a combination of always on the go and highly sensitive), you probably find yourself feeling drained and lacking desire to do much of anything from time to time. That’s when you know you need a few handy tools to boost the positive energy in your life. You may occasionally find your usually positive self feeling a little grouchy or negative. It happens to everyone now and then – even those people who come across as always positive!

Life sometimes stacks up, crappy things happen, and we can fall off our usual track of self-care and positivity. Deep inside, we know that these emotions won’t last forever, but at that moment in time, it can be hard to focus on anything. Your future is the last thing on your mind. However, sometimes it can be good to aim for the future when you find yourself in a rut. In recent years, the idea of online psychics (available options compared by the Jerusalm post here) have become popular because they can help to predict your future. If good things are going to happen, they will be able to tell you. And this can help to put you in good stead for your future.

That being said, there are some alternative great habits and techniques you can practice that will help you find yourself in this state less often, as well as get back on track when you do slip into a funk. Think of them as positive energy boosters! One of these techniques to improve self-care is actually by taking cannabis products, such as the ones from Mankind Dispensary. Some of their products can increase energy, allowing people to have a day full of happiness. That’s just one example, there are other methods too.

The Most Important Key to Maintaining Positive Energy in Your Life

One of the keys to boosting positive energy in your life is knowing this:

Positive mental and physical energy require focused attention and deliberate maintenance to keep them at the levels we desire.

The energy around us has a massive impact on our own personal energy. Becoming highly aware of the people, places, and things that drain us and then reducing exposure to those drains is a must-do for feeling and doing our best on all levels. And, at the same time, doing all we can to boost our own positive energy – both mental and physical – in our lives will help some of the negative drains naturally fall away.

There are so many simple ways to step up your positive vibes and boost the positive energy in your life. You probably know several already. Here are five of my favorites:

5 Habits that have a great R.O.E. (Return on Energy)

  1. Deliberately schedule time with positive people. There are probably a few people like this you know you’d definitely like to spend more time with, it’s just about making the effort. There are also groups you can join to meet positive minded people through organizations like Meetups and local churches. Positive energy is contagious, so the more you spend time with positive people, the better you’ll feel and the more great energy you’ll offer to others. At the same time, try to distance yourself from negative people who drain your energy (energy vampires).
  2. Try choosing two or three general positive phrases to add to the mix of things you say frequently out of habit. When I started responding with, “I’m so grateful!” any time someone would point out something good in my life, it really made a difference in the way I felt overall. Now, gratitude is a habit that supports my happiness. Plus, others really appreciate hearing this kind of positive speech. The words you use carry their own energy, and they’re very powerful.
  3. Try deep breathing several times a day. In the morning when you first wake up, in the car, while you’re working, and whenever you feel like you need a little lift. Oxygen can instantly help wake you up and give you more physical energy, which in turn will help increase your positive vibes and the drive you have to get things done. This is a super easy habit to create. Do it consciously for several days in a row and you’ll soon find yourself doing it without thinking. A minute or two of stretching in the morning along with the deep breathing will amplify the benefits and will also help keep your body flexible (and young!).
  4. Stop following accounts on social media that make you feel “less than.” There are so many fake, filtered photos pretending to be like “I look like this every day!” online (especially Instagram). Unfollow. Then, follow accounts from people who inspire and strive to keep it real. Much better energy!
  5. Start your day with a healthy boost. I love smoothies with blueberries, banana, and spinach, and I also love green juices. If you by cold-pressed green juice off the shelf, look for organic varieties with a first ingredient of cucumber or celery (not apple or grape, as those are loaded with sugar and only disguised as healthy). Check to be sure your bottle of green juice contains less than 12 grams of sugar. Doing this will not only give you more physical energy, but a joyful boost of positive psychological energy from the simple accomplishment of doing something great for your cells and your soul!

When I start to feel like my mojo is missing, I know I’m probably off track with some of the habits that support my joy and well-being, and that it’s time to step up my game and get back on track. It usually takes what I like to call “The Three Rs” – Rest, Reflection, and Re-working. It’s an ongoing effort, but worth it. These (and other) small healthy habits help maintain the great energy levels and good vibes I love to fill my life with. Oh yes, and coffee. 🙂

?? Much Love & Magic,
~ Kristi

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