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Three P’s You Need to Create a Magical Life

There’s a word that most people would very much like to use when describing their life – magical. Something about that word just seems to say so much. For me, it’s a word that sparks so much feeling and vision. What exactly is a magical life and how do we begin creating one?

I like to think of a magical life as a life filled with wonder, intention, love, compassion, and amazing experiences. A life filled with beauty and adventure on your own terms – that you create no matter your budget – whether that’s camping (or glamping!) in the woods, spending ample quality time with friends, or enjoying the comforts of a home filled with people and things you love. It’s a life that includes frequent encounters that move you and dreams that have come true due to hard work, optimism, and perseverance.

A magical life is also created by how you view your life. Do you see your life as a miraculous gift and live each day with the determination to make it sparkle? Or do you just go through the motions of the day-to-day without really thinking much about it? If the second is true for you, it’s definitely time for a shift. A truly magical, full life is created with intention, the right mindsets, and daily dedication.

How you experience your life is determined by your own thoughts, perceptions, and actions. You may have heard the saying, “Perception is reality” – this could not be more spot on! If you see your life as a beautiful, magical world full of love, abundance, and opportunities, that’s what you’re going to find.

So, if you’re not seeing your life that way now, work on shifting your view to see those things more clearly, as well as to see yourself as the amazing, capable being that you are. Practices to help with this include starting a daily gratitude journal (there are even phone apps for that!), writing down your top three daily goals, putting greater effort into relationships you value, and prioritizing self love and self care like you really mean it. A combined effort of positive new outlooks and habits will create a massive shift in the way you experience your life. You’ll feel it in your core!

You have the power to take control and create big positive change in your life at any time.

Through my years of study in personal development and human potential, and through working on (and occasionally screwing things up in) my own life, I’ve found there are countless layers of factors, mindsets, resources, and practices that go into actually making our most amazing, magical lives happen.

Although everyone’s unique and what works for you may be a little different than what works for someone else, here’s some great news! There are three areas of focus that I’ve found seem to be universally effective places to concentrate on for everyone who makes the choice to take control of their life and start creating what they desire. And, they all happen to start with P.

Three P’s You Need to Create a Truly Magical Life

If you focus on putting these three P’s into play on a daily basis, you’ll create the foundation for the happier, healthier, more successful, magical life you deserve.


Like me, I’m sure you’ve heard this one many times. But, deliberately making positivity a natural, effortless part of our everyday nature is very different than just saying “I’m a pretty positive person.” So many are aware of the benefits of positivity, but just don’t put it into practice regularly enough.

The energy we start the day with is the energy we will carry into the entire day and our life, so it’s very important to start our mornings off with positive thoughts and experiences (a.k.a. avoiding news, no work emails before coffee, and really taking a few minutes to focus on what kind of day we want to create).

Additionally, training our brains to have positive outlooks and to see the best in people and situations will result in actually feeling these things at our core. Other people will want to be around your infectious great energy and you’ll feel empowered to create and serve the world on whole new levels!

So, commit now to daily practices that support next-level positivity in your life. The power of this is tremendous and you’ll notice a difference almost immediately. And, once you’ve practiced it for a while, it will start to come to you naturally.


There’s a reason why some of the world’s most successful life and business coaches have entire courses, modules, and seminars to teach people how to increase productivity in their lives – because it really is one of the most important parts of creating a fulfilling, successful, magical life! And, it seems to be one of the areas we can struggle with the most.

There are also a lot of misconceptions about productivity that can hold us back from our potential in this area. Many view it as how we’re doing at the office, or how much we’re getting done in a day. The truth is that real productivity in life takes a holistic approach that focuses on everything from physical and mental wellness to time and energy management. Through dedication to the right mindsets and habits, we can foster massive productivity in all areas of our life. How great is that? It’s like creating our own super power!


Here’s the magical thing about truly passionate people. They find passion, romance, and beauty in every part of life – even the smallest things. They don’t just casually notice things – they get genuinely excited about them, soaking everything in and having massive appreciation and a sense of wonder for all that is.

So, passion is not just about finding a romantic relationship or discovering those few hobbies and interests you’re naturally passionate about (but, by all means, do that – those are some of your guiding lights). It’s about creating it through – you guessed it – mindsets, habits, and learning to marvel at your everyday surroundings! You know those people who seem to just drink in life? You can be one of them!

What are some small examples? Slowing down and looking at the love and beauty all around you at all times, mindfully enjoying each bite of food like the little miracle it is, noticing and swooning over the magical stories and happenings taking place in the world every day if we look, and creating passionate experiences that speak to all the senses, such as taking a walk through a garden or sinking into the pleasures of preparing an amazing meal.

A Daily Practice

These three P’s are guides you can use each day to set your intentions and align your mindset for supporting the magical, joyful life you want to create. Write them on a sticky note or piece of stationary and put them in a place where you’ll see them every morning. Use them as journal prompts. Use them in meditation or as the foundation of your daily to-do list. Put them into play in a way that resonates with you and you’ll start seeing results the very first day.

Much Love & Magic,

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