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How to Create a Bedside Self Care Station for Relaxation and Better Sleep

First I want to say I’m sending you all tons of love and support through this challenging time. It’s the 3rd week of quarantine, and we’re all doing our best to stay well, support those who need us, and make the most of it. It’s my hope that this can be a transformational time full of positive shifts and meaningful connections with ourselves and those we love.

I’ve been working on getting creative with some of the projects and activities around our home that I’ve been wanting to tackle to for a while, including organizing my nightstand. One of my favorite (and easy) little projects is this bedside self care station I’ve set up, and I’m loving it so much I wanted to share it with you.

I’m a big believer that what we keep on our nightstand can offer support for better sleep, relaxation, reducing anxiety, and overall wellbeing. So it’s important to keep it organized, stocked with self care items, and free of anything that drains you.

I have a very small nightstand because the wall next to my bed is at an angle, so I needed a custom piece to fit that spot, which on its own doesn’t fit much. In brainstorming ideas on how to best use that tiny little piece of real estate, I came up with the idea to use a desk organizer to hold all my favorite self care items. This allowed for more items than the nightstand itself could accommodate, it keeps them from constantly falling on the floor, and it looks super cute!

This desk organizer is from Cost Plus World Market (they have several nice ones like this), but you can also find similar styles at Hobby Lobby (just search “desk organizer”). Avoid office supply stores because the ones they carry tend to be dated and scream “office.”

Here’s what I keep in my bedside self care station:

I also include a coaster for a glass of water (I always have water on my nightstand), some meaningful crystals or stones, and a small votive candle (my favorites for a touch of luxe are by Diptyque, but also these sweet beeswax ones from bcandle).

So there you have it! A quick and fun little project that will support your self care through this at-home self-quarantine and beyond. Leave me a comment below to let me know what you think and share your self-care ideas – I’d love to hear them.

I hope you, your friends and family are all safe and well. Sending tons of love and positive vibes. I know this is a very challenging time for many. Hang in there. It may take some time, but everything will be okay.

Much love,

xo Kristi

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