Three Self-Care Goals for Fall and Beyond

Although I have a hard time deciding what my favorite season actually is (definitely NOT winter), fall definitely has so many things about it to love. The colors. The slowing down. The coziness. The beautiful weather! It’s a season that inspires time to rest and reflect, so it’s a perfect time of year to evaluate your self-care routines and step things up. To kick off the season, I wanted to share three self-care goals for fall and beyond that will have a great R.O.E. (return on energy).

Evaluate Where Your Attention is Going

This one is big when it comes to your mental self-care. And it comes down to one strategy:

Stop giving your attention to things that don’t interest or inspire you.

That’s it! It’s so easy to get overwhelmed and let distractions take energy and focus away from goals, dreams, and other things that are truly important to us. By regularly evaluating where our attention is going and fiercely making edits, we can better stay focused on what really matters.

At the start of each season, create two lists. One list of five things you want to stop giving so much time and energy to, and one list of five things you’d like to give more time and energy to. Putting things down on paper can help re-set your mind and get you back on track. Study the lists and start creating shifts the day you make them. Soon the shifts in focus will become positive new habits.

Hydrate Inside and Out

Fall is definitely a dry season. It’s a time when we can easily become dehydrated, both internally and externally. It’s important to step up water intake to stay healthy and keep energy levels up. Even slight dehydration (which we all wake up with each morning) can cause a significant drop in energy levels. Feel tired in the afternoon? Drink a glass of water. It sounds like very basic self-care, but it works and it’s so easy to forget.

Don’t forget about your skin and hair. I once heard a piece of advice from a woman in her nineties that she offered when someone asked her how she had such amazing, youthful skin. She said, “Moisturize, moisturize, moisturize!” She went on to say that if she could recommend just one habit for looking younger, it would be to moisturize well and use sunscreen every single day. I love the simplicity of this and am definitely stepping up my game this fall. The fact is, there are some habits that we don’t see significant results from right away, but you will seriously thank yourself for the effort at some point in your future.

And, on that note…try thinking about some additional habits you can be creating now that you’d be extremely grateful for down the road. A daily multivitamin? Five minutes of stretching in the morning for flexibility?

Go on a Three-Step Clutter Clearing Mission (self-care bonus points!)

Fall is a time for clearing out the old to make room for the new. To slow down and enjoy a little open space. In the fall, trees drop their leaves to release old energy, to rest, and to create space for new growth in the springtime. We humans can learn from this and adopt similar habits.

Choose a three-week time period this fall and spend the time on clearing clutter.

The first week: focus on physical clutter in your surroundings. If you don’t use something, wear it, or enjoy it, let it go. If it’s stained, broken, or doesn’t work well, let it go. Donate, trash, and recycle. And get rid of the stuff quickly so you’re not tempted to go through and start pulling things out (I’ve been guilty of this!).

The second week: focus on electronic clutter. Clear out your emails. Delete files you don’t need. Delete photos from your phone you don’t want. Unsubscribe from email lists that create distractions and clutter your inbox. Trust me, you’ll love how good this feels and you’ll love the results. You don’t realize how much electronic junk drains your energy until you get rid of it.

The third week: focus on mental and emotional clutter. The reason this is the final week is because it will be so much easier to get clear on your priorities and focus when your environments are clutter free.

Try a meditation class, yoga, and some journaling. Go back to step number one in this post and evaluate where your focus and attention is going. Forgive someone. Learn deep breathing exercises, look at your calendar and see what you would like to eliminate or step away from. Create lists in your journal of thoughts and things to let go of and things you’d like to bring more of into your life. Do whatever feels like a breath of fresh air and clearing space. You’ll be amazed at the positive things that flow in when you make room.

Wishing you a beautiful season filled with light and joy.


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Photo by Victor Hanacek / Picjumbo

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