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3 Ways to Spring Clean Your Spirit

We all need a reset now and then, and the energy of springtime is the perfect time to really examine what’s going on inside you and around you so you can refresh and make much needed changes.

It’s all about looking to see where you can eliminate obstacles and energy drains, identifying and letting go of things that are no longer serving you, and creating space in your mind and heart for new growth, creativity, and flow.

When you work with intention to align things in your life with your true values and desired feelings, everything is so much easier to manage. And, life expands with more light, joy, and great energy.

When it comes to spring cleaning your sprit (love this concept) and getting things aligned, it’s important to remember that many times the quality of our life depends more on what we remove from our life than what we add to it. Letting go of things that are draining or holding us back (and getting out of our own way) is a process, but when you focus on the desired result and how you’ll feel, it becomes so much easier and even exciting.

To get you started, here are 3 ways you can begin clearing space and help get your world into alignment with the life you’re working to create. Ready to Spring Clean Your Spirit?


Create a List of What You Value Most in Your Life

One of the biggest keys to your highest quality life is learning to mindfully create your days with intention, rather than just going through the days without much purpose and leaving everything up to chance.

It’s so easy to get caught up in the “to dos” and other people’s needs that we forget to focus on the things that are most important to us and align our actions and surroundings accordingly.

One way to get back on track with this is to take time to reflect and create a written list of the things you value the most right now in your life. Really think about what’s important to you. It may be being surrounded by nature and beauty, leveling up your health and wellbeing, putting more time into relationships that feel good and supportive, or creating room for more free time and breathing room in your life.

What are your top priorities? What aligns with how you want to feel? What feels true to you? Try to come up with 5 to 10 things that are really calling you at this time. The clarity that comes from this is so energizing!

Let Go to Create Space

Once you have the above list created it becomes much easier to identify what’s not in alignment with what you truly value in your life right now. Take an in-depth look at your routines, your spaces, your mindsets, your relationships, and your habits.

Let your inner-voice speak to you. What’s serving you? What feels great? What needs to go? Be willing to distance yourself or let go of the things that are weighing you down, don’t feel good, or that you know in your heart are out of alignment. De-clutter physically and emotionally. While you’re at it, take some time to breathe, connect with nature, and dream.

This is not always easy, but it’s so worth it. You deserve a life that feels great and is in alignment with your values, goals, and dreams.

Re-Think What You’re Consuming

This is so important. Everything you consume, from the food you eat to all types of media to the things you put on your body can affect you on multiple levels emotionally, physically, and energetically. Negative consequences can happen slowly, compounding and weighing us down, affecting our mental and physical health.

Re-evaluate everything you’re consuming through the lens created by aligning with your values and desires. How can you reduce or eliminate toxins and drains in your life?

Take a look at your personal care products, the foods you’re eating regularly, the TV you watch, your social media feeds, the people you’re spending time with, and even the cleaning products you’re using in your home. What might be draining your energy, exposing you to harm, or holding you back from feeling great? What’s no longer a match for what’s important to you? What needs to go or be swapped out?


This process isn’t just for springtime. It’s an empowering practice to take some time to go through all this a few times a year, each season, or whenever you feel called. The more you tune in, the more your life will remain in alignment and grow with you. Spring cleaning your spirit is about choosing YOU, feeling great, and creating the dynamic life you desire and deserve. The difference is tremendous. Ready to make it happen?

Love & alignment,


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