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3 Tips for Hacking Happiness and Health

Are you ready to unlock a happier, healthier, and longer life? I know I am! In just the last few years, there’s been an avalanche of new science and understanding around how we can expand our happiness, health, energy, and longevity through connecting certain dots with the workings of our own biology, and through incredible advances happening in the medical world.

It may sound fancy, but it’s actually just about the practice and mindset of tapping into science-based lifestyle shifts, habits, and technology to optimize your body and mind for feeling great physically and emotionally, having more abundant energy, and even increasing your chances of living to 100 and beyond.

My great grandmother Clara lived to be 110 if you can believe it! At the time she passed, she was one of the oldest people on the planet. She was vibrant, sharp, and enjoyed her life until her very last days. How remarkable!

As a young girl, I remember being fascinated by her wellness habits and self-care, some of which seemed a bit extreme at the time (she prioritized protein, vegetables, walking, and sleep, took supplements, and…ate bone meal like it was oatmeal almost every day). You might even call her one of the OG Biohackers before the term was created. Clearly, she was doing something right. She inspired in me a lifelong interest in wellness and longevity. I intend to honor her by living at least as long and as well as she did.

Advances in health technologies and the biohacking movement have become incredibly captivating to me this past couple of years, starting after a couple of scary health issues that left me looking for answers on how to take even greater control of my total well-being. I dove in and began to study everything I could get my hands on. What I’ve learned has left me inspired, full of new energy, and excited to share with you some of what I’ve applied to my own life, and how you can use some of the concepts to increase your happiness and total well-being too.     

Here’s what I love the most about what’s available to us: you don’t need a fancy lab or expensive equipment to get started. A few simple habits, a bit of homework, and a few investments in yourself so you can gather some valuable information are all you need to get started in being the true CEO of your health and happiness (YOU are always your own best investment).

While this topic could actually be an entire book (and there are a few good ones already), I wanted to give you three accessible places to start if you’re interested in next-level taking charge of your own happiness and wellness journey.

1) Learn about the basics of Biohacking and see what might be a fit for you.

Entrepreneur and author Dave Asprey is credited for sparking the global movement of biohacking that’s quickly gaining popularity. It’s really about taking time to understand your own personal biology and relevant elements of human biology so you can create doable habits and practices that support you in feeling your best, being as healthy as you can be, and maybe even extending your healthy years.

Some of these concepts can be fairly simple. Just as you’d optimize a company’s performance by fine-tuning its processes, biohackers optimize their bodies and minds for maximum efficiency, energy, well-being, and yes, happiness. This can involve anything from customizing your habits, diet, and exercise routines to align with your goals to taking high-quality, science-backed supplements that make sense for you.

It may also be trying cutting-edge technologies, such as the incredible Galleri test, a simple blood test that can screen for over 50 types of cancer, some that have always been hard to detect. Insurance doesn’t cover it yet (way behind the times), but I believe it’s worth the investment. Early detection is power.  

You can read more about basics of biohacking in Forbes here.

2) Connect the dots between happiness and your biology.

More than ever before, science is understanding the direct connections between our biological well-being and our mental well-being. They really are one and the same. When you learn the science behind how gut health, sleep, exercise, caring for your brain and nervous system, and what you consume can significantly boost your overall happiness and energy (in addition to your health and longevity), you’ll never go back. 

I’ve given up added sugars, focus on healthy proteins and plenty of science-backed superfoods (lots of organic nuts and blueberries), do breath work regularly, take supplement customized for me, and have stepped up my exercise efforts. And, I feel better and more energetic than I have in over a decade. 

I encourage you to dive in and do a bit of research, and to make an appointment to talk to your doctor about your goals and annual health screenings. Blood work can be helpful in determining which supplements and even foods might be helpful to you (for example, it’s said that up to 35% of adults in the U.S. are low in vitamin D, which can cause all kinds of issues). Then, create a plan for yourself that feels good. You can expand and tweak as you learn and as you discover what really works for you. Many times, you’ll feel results quickly and can pinpoint what produced them. I was shocked at what a quality B-complex supplement did for my energy levels and clarity of mind.

3) Start right now.

There’s no time like the present, especially when it comes to leveling up your health and quality of life. I challenge you to take a few minutes, do a little research, and definitively commit to start some new habits today that will add to your life.

You probably already know of several – the key is to actually put them into consistent action. How can you improve your sleep (especially key for brain health)? Have you made an appointment for your annual cancer screenings and physical? What’s a small extra bit of exercise you could work into your everyday (bonus points if it involves weights)? Can you gift yourself a few minutes each morning to do some needed stretching and go outside for a few minutes to get some natural light and connect with nature (excellent for your brain, nervous system, mental health, and your circadian rhythm)?

Science is showing us that it is actually possible to “hack” our way to more health, happiness, and good quality years. And, that happiness and feeling good is not just about mindset (although that is a very important part), it’s also more about biology and habits than we’ve ever thought before. Yes, some of it we’ve always known (diet, exercise, etc.), but this is absolutely next-level stuff.

I invite you to tap into all the magic that’s available to us! It’s an exciting time for sure.  Incredible new knowledge and technology is here, with more on the way. It’s all about specific, targeted things that support our various biological systems to create a harmonious festival of more happiness, better health, and even greater longevity. Cheers to that!

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Kristi Ling Spencer

Kristi Ling is a happiness strategist, internationally known life and business coach, bestselling author, and inspirational speaker who works with individuals and organizations on building a firm foundation for lasting happiness and success. She has been featured in numerous media outlets such as Oprah Daily, Woman’s Day, Oxygen, Entrepreneur, Mashable, Reader’s Digest, and Women’s Health. Her popular TEDx Talk on The Power of Re-Thinking Happiness has been shared across social media, and she has appeared as a keynote speaker for major companies and events. Her bestselling book, Operation Happiness – The 3-Step Plan to Creating a Life of Lasting Joy, Abundant Energy, and Radical Bliss was chosen by Success Magazine as one of the best books to make you successful. It’s available now wherever books and audiobooks are sold.

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