3 Tools for Creating Your Best Year Ever

Hi friends!!  The New Year is here, the excitement of a fresh, new start is in the air, and I’m super inspired to share some of my very favorite empowering resources with you to help you create your best year ever!

But before we get to my fave go-to places for New Year’s inspiration, I wanted to share my resolutions with you.  Feel free to adopt them as your own. 🙂  First, I plan to simplify and live with less.  I’m pretty good about clearing clutter and clearing my home of things that are no longer of use, but this year I desire to amp it up big time!

I plan to donate or give away much more.  Things that are no longer serving me, things carrying even the tiniest bit of negative energy, and stuff that’s just taking up space for no real reason.

My goal is to get down to only what I need or truly love.  Awesome idea, right? Everything else is getting tossed.  I couldn’t be more over-the-top excited about this! (I’ve started with chipped dishes, mismatched coffee mugs, and old, out-dated electronics.  Basically, shiz that has no purpose for being in my space. LOL!

My second resolution is to be more focused on aligning intention with action.  Many times we come up with great ideas, places we’d like to visit, things we’d like to do or learn – but those things don’t come around because there is no action taken to make them happen.  I’ve got several things I’ve been meaning to experience for some time, and this year is all about taking action and makin’ stuff happen.  Yes!

I recommend writing your goals/resolutions down and keeping them somewhere you can reference them regularly throughout the year.  Limit them to one or two doable items, and then go for it!  🙂

And… now it’s time to check out some of my favorite, delicious tools & resources for creating your best year ever ~ I know you’ll love them as much as I do!  I’ve featured them below ~ they’re all under $20 and some are freeeee!

Happy, beautiful 2013 to you!  So excited to create major bliss with you this year!

Love, bliss, & sparkly things ~ Kristi


3 Tools for Creating Your Best Year Ever!


Leonie Dawson’s 2013 Create Your Incredible Life Workbooks + Calendars.  I love them!  I use them myself to create both my personal and professional plans for the coming year.

You will absolutely love and be inspired by what Leonie has created for you! Leonie is super dynamic and a gifted coach & artist.  Check out these inspiring beauties here (and Leonie also has tons of yummy free goodies on her site too!).


Hay House events, books, and online audio programs.  I highly recommend the I Can Do It conferences Hay House puts on several time a year in different cities.  The lineups of inspiring speakers are truly fantastic, and the tools and ideas offered can be life-changing!

What’s awesome is that if you love the lineup at an event and can’t be there live, you can get the online video stream right at home for a great price!  I did this for one of the I Can Do It Ignite events last year and LOVED it!  I sipped hot tea, curled up in my home office and soaked up some fantastic wisdom. 🙂  Check out all that Hay House has to offer (I love shopping for gifts through Hay House too!).


Aspire Magazine – I’m a big fan of publisher and transformational leader Linday Joy’s awesome online magazine, Aspire.  It’s packed with super inspiring, love-rich content every month, and it’s totally FREE to subscribe!  (Free is always awesome!)

You can check it out & sign up for your free digital subscription here.  Each issue offers pages and pages of rich wisdom to help women live happier, more authentic lives.  Love love love!

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