3 Inspiring Tips for Creating Your Best Year

Happy New Year Beautiful Friends! Who else is feeling grateful for the incredible energy that comes with a fresh start? Here are a few little thoughts to consider when moving forward into 2021 to help you create your very best year:

1) The best to create positive change is through deliberate action taken consistently. A very simple way to keep yourself on track with this is to keep a separate paper calendar for a particular big goal and put an X over each day that you’ve taken some kind of action toward it.

2)  Vow to be kinder to yourself this year. Forgive yourself once and for all for past missteps and mistakes. Open your heart to this gift of a fresh start knowing that now is all matters. Step up your self care, set boundaries, and speak your truth.

3)  Instead of planning goals for the entire year, break the year up into quarters and set quarterly goals and to-dos. Set time each quarter to review what you’ve completed and set new goals accordingly. It may seem simple, but you’d be surprised how much more you can accomplish in a year by breaking it into doable chunks with deadlines. It works!

These are all things I’m applying to create one of my best years ever in 2021. I’d love to hear any additional tips you have in the comments. Sending much love and support out to all of you! Let’s make this year amazing!

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